July-August 2017

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July-August 2017

A few years ago, a Harvard Business Review cover posed the question: What’s the secret to winning in the global economy? The answer: Talent.
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Finding and Keeping Talent

Without question, talent—or the lack thereof— was a leading theme at every session of every conference I attended this past year.

Outstanding forecasting? Be Careful.

Demand forecasting should be done in-house for effective and efficient integration with planning processes such as S&OP, and also for competitive and financial disclosure…

Filling the Void in the Manufacturing supply chain

The Manufacturing Institute, Deloitte and APICs recently released a study, “Women in Manufacturing: Stepping up to make an impact that matters.” The supply chain…

The Customer-Centric Supply Chain

The importance of dissolving the “wall” between the customer and the supply chain.

Millennials in the Supply Chain Workforce

New research from SCMR, APICS and APQC reveals a generation that is enthused and engaged in supply chain careers. Read the full research here.

The Supply Chain Workforce of the Future

Supply chain executives agree that future supply chain performance will rely to a great extent on talent. A continual focus on improving the current workforce and attracting new…

Alternative Workforce: People with Disabilities

Outside the standard supply chain labor pool, people with disabilities have already proven themselves, typically raising the performance levels of all around them. The HOPE…

How They Did It: Google’s Innovative Approach to Supplier Diversity

In 2014, Google launched its own fresh take on supplier diversity, designed to drive economic impact for small businesses and fit Google's uniquely nimble culture.

How to get end-to-end supply chain planning right

Far too many companies invest time and money in their planning capabilities with little to show for the effort. There is a better way.

Strategic supplier relationships benefit procure-to-pay and beyond

Organizations building stronger relationships with a broader group of suppliers have clear advantages

Who will lead the “Fourth Industrial Revolution?”

Companies that leverage these emerging technologies will transform their operations and business models. Those that fail to do so risk the future of their firms.

2017 Top 50 3PLs: Investments and Consolidation Maintain Traction

The trend set over the past few years for mergers and acquisitions has hardly subsided, and a fresh injection of equity investment is transforming the marketplace. At the same…

Supply Chain Certification: It’s not a “one and done” exercise

Here are six supply chain certification trends to watch in 2017…and beyond.

Smart processes are redefining on-site inspections

Eliminating slow and error-prone manual inspection processes—and replacing them with real-time reporting based on mobile platforms—will improve the efficiency of industry by…


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