November 2023

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November 2023

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the NextGen Supply Chain Awards in Chicago. It was my first time attending the conference, which was in its fifth year, and I came away impressed with both the content and the quality of professionals I met in Chicago. This year’s conference—Strategies for a Digital Future—featured nearly 50 speakers and included CEOs and senior vice presidents, founders and innovators, leading academics and researchers, and top consultants. Over two days of the event at the Chicago Athletic Association, we learned more about artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, robotics and machine learning, fulfillment and delivery, procurement, and nearshoring/reshoring. And that was just on day one.
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2023 Warehouse/DC Operations Survey: Automating while upping performance

This year’s survey found increasing levels of use for various automation and software technologies, while technology budgets held fairly steady. However, operations face…

APQC Infographic: The Importance of Tier 1 Suppliers in Emissions Reporting

Organizations face pressure from the public, regulatory agencies, and legislation to ensure that they monitor their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In particular, scope 3…

Thanks to all who made NextGen a success

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the NextGen Supply Chain Awards in Chicago. It was my first time attending the conference, which was in its fifth year, and I came…

Global economies also include longevity

As the industrialized world gets older, there is a lot of potential in developing products for older populations. This will have profound implications for both future global…

Removing needless barriers to micro-retailer growth

The true potential of micro-retailers remains untapped.

Fortifying the future: Procurement’s role in building resilient organizations

The need to establish resilient supply chains capable of withstanding and swiftly recovering from disruptions has become a strategic imperative.

Get measurement right to solve supply chain’s toughest challenges

If you don’t measure well, you’ll never measure up. But if you get the measurement right, you will be empowered to break away from the pack.

The next frontiers of retailer as brand and supply chain

Brand touchpoints now extend beyond the physical store, which means retailers must consider positioning themselves as a full-service provider offering retail sales, fulfillment,…

Going “GLOCAL”  The case of the 10,000-pound cotton “dirt-to-shirt” project

Taking the 3T approach—transportation, transparency, and trust—allows TS Designs to create global products locally.

Retail in Reverse: Surveying the state of returns

A Supply Chain Management Review/ Peerless Research Group survey finds that retailers are adapting but there is still work to be done on reverse logistics.

Measuring and reporting Scope 3 emissions

Prioritize based on supplier impact, and don’t forget your lower tiers.


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