July-August 2023

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July-August 2023

Most business people have heard the phrase “move fast and break things.” But how do you move fast, break things, and remain profitable? Inside this issue of Supply Chain Management Review are the answers—we hope. We have two articles this month that address decision-making. The articles (“Chain reaction: Isn’t it nice when your supply chain just works?” and “Managing like ‘Maverick’ in today’s turbulent, dynamic environment”) approach the topic of decision-making from decidedly different perspectives, but I believe they are more similar than they appear.
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Evaluating success of changes in supply chain

To evaluate change management, be flexible and remember the influence of measures.

The changing face of supply chain executive education

How the global pandemic, labor shortage and rapid advances in technology are changing the development of and participation in supply chain executive education.

Cloud computing needs installed based planning

If you are doing planning for the supply needs of an installed base, the Pot of Water model may help develop more accurate plans.

Inside the virtual four walls

Are warehouse as a service offerings disrupting the “traditional” 3PL market?

Chain Reaction: Isn’t it nice when your supply chain just works?

The law of unintended consequences is rampant in business today, yet it is preventable if more decision-makers embraced a systems approach to managing their complex supply chains.

Supply chain legitimacy necessitates resiliency—which requires digital supply networks

Supply chain leaders must take advantage of the push for new networks that bring end-to-end visibility to problems. both upstream and downstream.

Managing like “Maverick”  in today’s turbulent,  dynamic environment

Business leaders can learn a lot about problem-solving using rapid business development from the approach of fighter pilots.

P & G Performs. EY Transforms.

A unique alliance between two industry leaders allows supply chain organizations access to P&G’s IP and proven methodologies to transform their operations.

When silos make sense: A military mission demands it

While silos are not always conducive to successful supply chain operations, this particular mission required a three-prong siloed approach.

Top 50 Third Party Logistics (3PLs) 2023: Ripe market conditions

As more shippers turn to providers to improve inventory management and on-time delivery, 3PLs turn up the investment in warehouse robotics and automation to meet these…


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