January-February 2024

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January-February 2024

Back in 2019, we seemed on a consistent path to the future. Then COVID-19 arrived on the global scene, and all predictions went out the window. As 2024 begins, everyone wants to know what the year will look like. I predict continued interest in circular supply chains, cybersecurity, visibility, and digital supply chains, to name a few. But I am not alone. So, I’d like to share five things that I am particularly interested in this year.
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APQC Infographic: Open Innovation Maturity & Supply Chain Success

Organizations can build on their relationships with key supply chain partners and stakeholders by adopting an open approach based on collaboration and co-creation.

Here’s what I’m intrigued by in 2024

The supply chain could undergo significant change this year as we adapt to the new normal.

Oil update: The same, for now

It will always be prudent to reduce the use of carbon-based energy sources by making your supply chains as energy-efficient as possible.

Preparing for the demographic change wave

Supply chains need to start adjusting strategies to meet the demands required of older generations whose buying influence will grow in future years.

The 2024 Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) agenda

Leverage strategic procurement to control spend and maximize value creation in deflationary markets.

Next-Gen SupplyChains: Underpinning your ability to manage complexity and drive innovation

Traditional supply chain engineering is no longer effective. But no single transformation model is universally useful. Instead, there are three pillars that should guide supply…

Sustaining Competitive Advantage: The Salesperson’s critical value

The ability to communicate and diffuse knowledge is critical to supply chain success, yet the utilization of salespeople as a communication conduit within the supply chain is…

Turning the Page: One industry’s paper-thin use of AAA

Developing agile, adaptable, and aligned supply chains can help the printing-paper industry weather supply chain turmoil.

Enhancing supply chain performance measurement frameworks with external global indicators

Adopting a hierarchical supply chain performance measurement framework allows a firm to organize its performance metrics and align them with its supply chain management structure.

Spotlight on Reverse Logistics

With more than 5,000 companies in the space, consolidation could be the word for 2024.

Co-innovate for supply chain ecosystem success

Using business ecosystems for innovation can yield better results and performance.

How to hack your supply chain: Breaking today, building tomorrow

It will always be prudent to reduce the use of carbon-based energy sources by making your supply chains as energy-efficient as possible.

Supply Chain Outlook: Preparing for what’s next

Event featured an impressive lineup of keynote and session speakers who hit on all of the topics that are driving supply chain growth right now.

What’s Ahead for Supply Chain in 2024?

Gartner analyst breaks down the current state of supply chain planning and offers insights into what’s coming around the next corner.


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