September-October 2023

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September-October 2023

Best of the best. Best in class. The elite. Whatever terminology you use to describe the top performers in industry, they all have one thing in common: Companies try to emulate them. That is not easy, of course, but honors such as the annual Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 provide a roadmap for firms hoping to reach the upper echelon. As we do each year here at Supply Chain Management Review, our September/October issue dedicates significant real estate to the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25. Why do we do this? Because our mission is to help inform you, the supply chain practitioner, in all the best ways to make your own supply chains more efficient and even profitable.
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The “longevity economy:” Seniors need innovative supply chains

As the United States gets older, there is much potential in developing products for older populations.

Customer-centric supply chains by design

Modeling with a customer focus allows businesses to meet today’s business demands.

Generative AI: Gold rush or bust?

As AI has swept across industries, the role it can play in supply chain transformation is still in the early stages of development.

Opening the “Black Box”: How to make AI explainable for supply chain planners

AI has the potential to reshape supply chain planning in the future. However, AI needs to explain the decisions taken to gain the trust of planners. We show how this is done.

The data-driven supply chain raises new governance and security issues

With every business now a data business, good data stewardship is a must.

Stories from the front lines: Leadership accounts from the globe’s top supply chain executives

“From Source to Sold” offers first-hand accounts of top executives on the decisions and thought processes they have followed in their careers to become global supply chain…

Predicting the next freight cycle: A shippers’ guide to planning transportation budgets

When it comes to freight pricing, there’s no excuse for shippers or carriers to fly blind. The capability exists to understand the factors that drive pricing and monitor them…

Logistics data management: Focus on the foundation

Information maturity leads to improved performance and customer loyalty.

Six emerging supply chain software trends to watch

As more companies work to make their global supply chains more resilient, strong, and efficient, supply chain management software continue to play an important role in those…


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