March-April 2024

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March-April 2024

Part of any supply chain manager’s job is risk mitigation. Thanks to COVID-19 and the ensuing, and constant, disruptions that have followed, more companies are now focused on reducing their exposure to supply chain chaos. We’ve heard a lot about diversification in recent years—having multiple suppliers in multiple locations. But risk mitigation goes far beyond diversification, and the recent case of Boeing should serve as a cautionary tale not to avoid those other risks.
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Are you good or great?

Boeing is providing a real-time case study on why supply chain diligence is vital to the health of your organization.

Supply constraints? Demand-shaping revisited

Supply chain managers working with sales and marketing can ensure products in demand match with available supply to maximize profits.

Harnessing generative AI for smarter supplier negotiations

Project seeks to “place a data scientist in the pockets” of procurement professionals.

Navigating uncharted waters for competitive advantage

Strategies for weaponizing supply chain/network management capabilities in uncertain times.

It’s high time to go beyond visibility

Add vigilance to supply chain management with visibility. Real-time visibility of inventory, capacity, supply, and demand conditions is central to agile supply chain operations…

Driving supply chain flexibility in an uncertain and volatile world

The SC-Flexibility Drivers Matrix creates a roadmap to creating the versatility modern supply chains require.

A New Model for Retailer-Supplier Collaboration

Leveraging a profound truth and the power of silence to improve collaboration and supply chain performance.

A New Model for Retailer-Supplier Collaboration

Leveraging a profound truth and the power of silence to improve collaboration and supply chain performance.

Revolutionizing Warehouse Automation: A blueprint to AMR deployment

The introduction of autonomous mobile robots in warehouses and distribution centers creates anxiety among workers, and concerns about integration. But there is a path to success.

From Apprentice to Pro: AI’s workforce promotion awaits

Artificial intelligence is infiltrating the workplace in ways far beyond managing a robot workforce.

Preparing for 2024 supply chain challenges and priorities

Organizations are prioritizing preparedness against ongoing uncertainty.

Managing the Risks and Rewards of Onshoring & Reshoring

As more companies move production and sourcing closer to home, several factors should be considered before making the move.


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