January-February 2022

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January-February 2022

Well, that’s over, and aren’t we all glad to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror? For a minute, however, let’s look at a silver lining, because I think there is one for supply chain managers. That’s because the pandemic put supply chain in the spotlight like never before—and, with the approval of a vaccine just a few weeks ago in December, supply chain and cold chain are back in the news… While sales usually gets all the attention, maybe 2021 is our time to shine.” That’s the beginning of the column I wrote for the January 2021 issue, and maybe I was a little too pollyannish.
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APQC Infographic: Ensuring supply chain success with measures

Adopting the right supply chain measures enables organizations to drive business success and identify opportunities for improvement.

In the January Issue of SCMR: “The big pivot”

I’m going to go out on a limb: Maybe 2022 is our time to shine.

Oil update: Where’s the global energy plan?

The oil updates have shown that the market has become more market-driven and based largely on changes in supply and demand.

Unlocking the value of robots as team players

MIT researchers are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to give robots the ability to work in teams with humans and even identify ways to improve team performance.

The third year of the “Roaring 20s:”  A decade of digitalization and disruption

Experience indicates that with each decade, there are pronounced disruptions that shake the structure of the market that supply network leadership must respond to (carpe diem).

Cultivating Relentless Supply Chain Agility at IBM

The technology giant has spent several years building a cognitive supply chain that embraces an agile culture of innovation, focuses on client needs and successes, and leverages…

The Customer is the Channel

How Princess Auto Ltd uses a consumer-driven, store-centric fulfillment model to plan and satisfy all customer demand.

Out of Africa

Conventional wisdom holds that the barriers to operating in an emerging market like Africa are daunting. But a closer look reveals ongoing innovation and an improving logistics…

The Big Pivot

COVID is still with us. But the lessons learned from how firms worldwide pivoted in response to the pandemic are already shaping the future of supply chain management.

Using advanced analytics to turn attrition into retention

Advances in ML and other technologies are creating possibilities few companies have fully considered, including the power to turn employee attrition into retention.

Drive business success by picking the right metrics

Building a performance-based culture begins by selecting relevant measures and increasing employee engagement.

Virtual NexGen Supply Chain Conference: Driving supply chain’s digital future

The third annual NextGen Supply Chain Conference gives companies the latest technology and tools that they need to prepare for their digital futures.

2021 Virtual Summit Recap: Developing a game plan for the future

Identifying the strategies, technology and automated tools necessary for continued logistics and supply chain management success.


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