March-April 2023

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March-April 2023

In June 2013, Frank Quinn stepped down as the only editorial director Supply Chain Management Review had ever known. “In thinking about those whom I’m indebted to for the success of SCMR over 16 years, there is one constituency that must rank first on the list—you, the reader,” Frank wrote, as he handed over the reins to Bob Trebilcock. Now, Bob has done the same, handing over the reins to the next generation. I am very proud to be that next generation. In a farewell letter of sorts, Bob wrote that he was the “old” and I as the “new.” Nothing could be further from the truth. There is no old or new, only continuity. That continuity is the backbone of our commitment to you and one that I intend to uphold as I carry on the fine tradition Frank started in 1997.
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Hello, my new family

They say industries are like families. The supply chain is certainly that, which is why the best way to continue honoring the history of SCMR is to continue down the path that…

Oil update: We need security plans from policymakers

The business world needs less uncertainty and more clarity.

Exorcising ghost lanes from transportation procurement

Procuring freight transportation is a well-established supply chain process, yet the pervasiveness of ghost lanes as a consequence of “coverage” procurement strategies is…

Additive manufacturing: Shaping and disrupting business models

In the future, imagine a kiosk in a public place or a nearby coffee shop that will be able to print out that missing part for you to pick up or have delivered to your home. This…

Supply Chains Fail When They Don’t Flow

Disruptions can slow the movement of goods, but they don’t have to. Here are five steps to ensure smooth operations.

Climbing to new heights

Preparation and visibility build the confidence to scale the supply chain mountain.

Supply Chain Risk Management Planning

Risk management doesn’t have to be complex. This practical, easy-to-implement framework supports decision-making and risk management.

5 Ways AI is Changing Supply Chains

Used in everything from delivery to forecasting, artificial intelligence is leaving its mark.

Blockchain’s Second Act

While initial success of blockchain in the supply chain has been minimal, the technology may be ready for a resurgence.While initial success of blockchain in the supply chain…

A better approach to supply chain transformation

By understanding key factors to supply chain transformation success, you can boost cost savings into double-digits.

This year, focus on supply chain staffing

People are central to overcoming supply chain obstacles in 2023.

Truckload Update: Easing back to normal?

Carrier executives continue to yearn for supply/demand equation to even out as inventory slowly rebuilds. In the meantime, capacity for fleet growth remains limited due to…

Supply Chain Design Meets the Reshoring Trend

Companies are rethinking globalization and repositioning more of their operations and sourcing closer to home. Here’s how the trend is affecting supply chain design.


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