May-June 2023

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May-June 2023

If you were dropped onto this planet and landed at McCormick Place in the heart of Chicago in the middle of March, you would probably conclude that planet Earth had been overrun by robots. Everywhere you turned on the ProMat conference floor, there was a robot lifting something, putting something away, or carrying something to another location. But, despite a conference hall overrun by technology, the on-the-ground reality is a bit different. Not so long ago, commercial real estate firm Prologis estimated the number of facilities with any type of automation at about 10%. But that is changing—quickly. A recent report from JLL found that one-in-two logistics and industrial occupiers plan to increase their use of automation technologies such as automated storage and retrieval systems by 25% between now and 2030.
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Top 25 Trucking Companies 2023: Is this year normal?

As the $830 billion trucking industry prepares for what could be the first full “normal” year since the pandemic caused tidal waves in supply/demand cycles, the “best of…

Who drives the supply chain car?

If you were dropped onto this planet and landed at McCormick Place in the heart of Chicago in the middle of March, you would probably conclude that planet Earth had been overrun…

100% uptime for renewable energy sources

The recent column discussed how global policymakers have been relatively ineffective in using diplomacy to come up with a coordinated plan toward a world free of fossil fuels.

Reimagine your reverse supply chain: Minimize new 3Rs for environmental sustainability

By holding both ends of the supply chain accountable, sustainability efforts are more likely to bear satisfactory results and significantly reduce the burden on Mother Nature.

The Psychology of Supply Chain Negotiations: Using human factors to attain superior outcomes

“Negotiation is empathy. It’s almost trite to say that if you can’t put yourself in the seat of the other person you’re speaking with, you’re not going to do well.”

Contracting in the new economy

Companies are turning to formal relational contracts to boost collaboration and drive innovation with strategic suppliers.

Fintechs and SME Suppliers: Liquidity through digitization

Credit barriers and extended payment terms hamper the operational ability of tier 2 and tier 3 supply chain participants. But a new breed of technology companies are here to help.

Petrobras SCORs with Transformation

To streamline its maintenance parts inventory, the Brazilian oil and gas giant launched a transformation project utilizing SCOR. The result: The avoidance of $786 million in…

A running start at predictive procurement orchestration

If you’re unfamiliar with PPO, you aren’t alone. Here’s how Westfall Technik discovered it and is turning it into a powerful tool to simplify and streamline procurement.

Procurement: the missing link between sustainability and profitability?

De-carbonizing the end-to-end value chain is now an imperative—for the planet and for business. Customers, shareholders and employees demand it, and governments are rushing to…

Tackling sustainability in procurement

Make visibility and collaboration central to sustainability efforts.

ProMat 2023 Show Wrap-up

ProMat 2023 was held March 20-23 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. It featured more than 1,000 exhbits and included a comprehensive educational conference. Here are some of the…


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