January-February 2021

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January-February 2021

This morning, I turned on the television and watched the first stretch-wrapped pallets of the just-authorized vaccine being loaded onto a truck at a Pfizer plant in Michigan. From there, the pallets were headed to FedEx’s logistics hub in Memphis where they would be delivered to 153 locations across the 50 states. The event was both historic and mundane: Historic in that the shipments represent the hope of a nation that in the coming months, we’ll begin to put 2020—and COVID—in the rearview mirror; mundane in that this is a scene repeated millions of times a day, without fanfare, in plants and distribution centers across the country. Two of the basic, fundamental processes of the supply chain—make and deliver—are in the spotlight like never before.
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The supply chain’s pivot to E-commerce

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They will no longer have the economies of scale at levels they had when auto drivers used a lot of gas. A double whammy for logistics operations because diesel prices could go…

Achieving better outcomes for predictive analytics

A deeper understanding of the technology will help practitioners and business leaders make clearer connections between needs and model outputs—and hence frame better questions.

The “new never normal” requires smart NextGen supply network solutions

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone - especially supply chain teams.

2021 E-commerce: No rest for the weary

COVID-19 accelerated e-commerce demand to levels that weren’t expected until 2025. How can supply chains get up to speed—and fast?

Vaccinate warehouse operations with a new, post-covid beginning

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Catalyze change and transform your inventory planning

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How to make S&OP work in unprecedented times…(when everyone says it never will)

Here’s how S&OP became a business star at the Consumer Health division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany by putting people first with an under-the-radar strategy. If that…

What got us here will not get us there

Why supply chains need granular and predictive shape of demand to enable omni-channel growth.

Learn from the best

Top performers use technology and collaboration to keep their planning effective.

2020 Virtual Summit Recap: Building in supply chain resilience

This year’s summit helps attendees shake off the impacts of a difficult year and use digital transformation, risk management, reshoring and other tools to reimagine their…


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