November 2021

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November 2021

This is the last regular issue of Supply Chain Management Review for 2021. Normally this time of year, I look forward to what’s in front of us. That’s turned out to be a fool’s errand over the last year and a half. So, instead, I looked back to see what I wrote this time last year. My column was titled “COVID hasn’t stopped supply chain progress.”
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The E-commerce Fulfillment Fastlane

E-commerce fulfillment is changing—fast. Not only are consumer buying patterns evolving, but digital platforms are accelerating online consumption and redefining business…

Short lifecycle (SLC) forecasting for “muddling through” uncertainties

SLC products—such as those in retail, fashion-oriented and high-tech industries. Try them, they work. Will they yield 100% accuracy? Of course not. Will they improve your…

Challenge-based research can open new avenues of innovation

One of the most important advantages of public challenge-based research is that it generates a large number of rough and unpolished starting points for potentially fruitful…

More is said about sustainability than done: It’s time to clear the air

There’s a lot of talk about sustainability. But what does it mean when it comes to businesses?

The Roundtable: The future of probabilistic planning

In a world of uncertainty, the one thing supply chain professionals know for sure is that planning needs to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. Our panel of leaders discuss…

Unlocking the value of demand sensing

The six factors critical to the successful implementation and adoption of demand sensing.

Building a total cost framework for 3D printed parts

Whether you call it 3D printing or additive manufacturing, this advanced supply chain technology has already proven itself in a range of applications. But being able to 3D print…

A River Runs Through It: Is an inland waterway our future?

Logistics is grappling with too many trucks, too few drivers and calls for more sustainable transportation modes. Maybe it’s time to develop commerce on the rivers between New…

The Roaring 2020s in Supply Chain Management

Three trends that will challenge supply chains in the coming decade.

Supplier diversity: Procurement takes a star turn

Procurement organizations fulfill an indispensable role. Their rigor and innovation tangibly benefit the company’s bottom line.

Sustainability as a strategic imperative

Sustainability includes many factors, but organizations can address them all with a process-first approach.

2021 Warehouse and DC Operations Survey: Automation as a Disruption Response

Capex budgets and headcount are both up amid signs of expansion. But underneath those positives are strains, led by concerns about labor and inventory turns. Applying more…


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