September-October 2020

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September-October 2020

If it’s September, it must be time for Gartner’s take on the Top 25 supply chains. This marks the 16th year that Gartner has put together its list of the leading supply chains across he globe, a list that now also includes an additional five Masters. Those are companies that so consistently made the list year in and year out that they warranted a category all their own. You can read the article, and the web only material we publish on, to find out what it takes to become a supply chain leader.
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Supply Chain Heroes and Lessons from COVID-19

The major learning from the COVID-19 pandemic is that we need to support federal and local government efforts during emergencies like pandemics.

Steering Innovations Through Regulatory Headwinds

The good news is that where there is a problem there is an opportunity, and those that learn to navigate the regulatory skies could reap substantial benefits.

The Cognitive Ecosystem: A new beginning

The pandemic provides an opportunity for new strategies to navigate through uncertainty to a new beginning.

The SCMR Interview: Shekar Natarajan

American Eagle Outfitters supply chain leader talks about his career, the future of retail fulfillment and how businesses can survive COVID and the shift to omni-channel delivery.

Getting Over the Bar: A training guide for winning customer gold

Supply chain managers aiming to deliver unbeatable customer value can learn a lot from winning the decathlon.

Demand Planning in a Crisis

In many industries, demand has never been more volatile and unpredictable than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are seven actions to drive demand planning despite an…

Supplier Ecosystems: Managing complexities in the supplier chain

Supplier ecosystems provide an opportunity for supply chain managers to overcome the shortcomings of conventional supply chain approaches when managing complex supply chains.

The Ongoing Convergence of Cloud and Supply Chain Software

How Software-as-a-Service (Saas) took over the supply chain software market, where it stands now and how far we have to go before the supply chain is truly autonomous.

The right way to optimize and future-proof the supply chain

By evaluating and redesigning all four areas of the supply chain at the same time, a large-scale transformation not only optimizes each individual area but balances each…

Planning for the Supply Chain of the Future

To survive and thrive, organizations must balance efficiency with adaptability, flexibility and effectiveness.


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