November 2022

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November 2022

Are you resilient? It’s not an idle question. If there’s one word that I’ve heard at every supply chain event I’ve attended this year, its resilience. It is, of course, in response to the last few years in supply chain management. I think its fair to say that supply chains have been knocked to the canvas more times than Rocky. What has become clear as we do our post-pandemic reviews is that the firms that demonstrated the ability to get up off the canvas and keep punching were those that invested in resiliency before the pandemic—even if they didn’t use that term.
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2022 Warehouse/DC Operations Survey: Recalibrating operations and spend

Capital expenditure expectations for the coming year declined, though there are still signs of sizable automation budgets and interest in warehouse technology. The bigger…

Are you resilient?

What has become clear as we do our post-pandemic reviews is that the firms that demonstrated the ability to get up off the canvas and keep punching were those that invested in…

Respect “good” inventories

Executives should be educated to have a healthy respect for inventory so that managers won’t have to go overboard and throw bad inventory after good.

Developing a flight plan for drone-based parcel delivery

Although the regulatory framework is central to the industry’s future, it remains unclear. But, where there are problems there are also opportunities, especially in an…

Accelerating digital transformation with ESG compliance initiatives

Maturing NFT applications and blockchain offer companies the foundation for an accelerated sustainability and digital ecosystem supply network transformation strategy.

Leadership and planning in an ambiguous world

If the world doesn’t follow a script in a post-COVID world, how can a business? Maybe it’s time for applied improvisation.

Coming out of the darkness

How the post-COVID world will affect the four elements of the supply chain.

Build a playbook to implement supply chain resilience

Supply chain resilience is one of the hottest topics in supply chain management. Practitioners want to know how to implement it into their operations. What follows is a…

Realizing the full potential of supply chain resilience surveys

As supply chains become more complex and nuanced, surveys about their performance have to keep up to develop strategies that counter disruptions. Here’s a straightforward,…

Leaning Forward: Enhancing and improving the home stretch distributor/customer experience

With the onset of e-commerce, B2B businesses are leaning forward to speed up digital adoption to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Great expectations: Delivering on customer experience and fulfillment profitability

Recalibrating the inherent economics of last mile is achievable. Solutions should reflect evolving customer delivery preferences and also inform true order-specific fulfillment…

Enlist cultural influencers to shift supply chain’s culture

Shifts in organizational culture can support improvements to supply chain processes and outcomes.


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