September-October 2022

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September-October 2022

Once again, it’s time for Gartner’s Top 25 supply chains, the annual list of the 25 supply chains that have made it to the top, plus five Masters that have consistently outperformed year after year. You can read the article, along with some web-only material on, to find out what it takes to become a supply chain leader. Last year, I was struck by how the leaders were embracing ESG, or Environmental, Social, & Governance. That has only been reinforced in this year’s report. In fact, ESG has been on the agenda of every event I’ve attended this year, including the keynote address at this year’s ISM conference. Whatever is the future of regulation in this area, I think it’s clear that supply chain will play a major role, especially when it comes to sustainability. Clearly, leadership matters.
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In this issue: Leadership matters in 2022

In this issue: Gartner’s Top 25 supply chains, the annual list of the 25 supply chains that have made it to the top, plus five Masters that have consistently outperformed year…

Where are you on the staircase to supply chain sustainability?

While the path to future frontiers will change as the relative importance of SCS dimensions change over time, it is important to keep in mind that the pressure to improve…

Listening to the voice of the consumer

Parcel consolidation is OK to improve last-mile logistics efficiency.

The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25: Insight on leaders

While navigating disruptions, supply chain leaders continue to focus on delivering against their ESG agenda within an ever-broadening ecosystem. In our 18th edition, the Gartner…

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) embraces fulfillment at the edge

AEO is taking a new approach to fulfillment, especially e-fulfillment, inside and outside the four walls of its distribution centers. The focus is on speed.

American Eagle Outfitters’ (AEO) outside fulfillment game

American Eagle Outfitters has long been a leader in e-fulfillment inside its distribution centers. The next step: Move outside the four walls with a distributed fulfillment…

Annual e-tailing update: Growth, with a muddled future

Looking over the news from the last two years, it’s clear that the e-tailing market grew faster during the pandemic. In general, retailers have had to alter their supply and…

Working with competitors—or why co-opetition is the key to improving cost and efficiency

Today’s hyper-competitive business environment calls for more advanced and innovative solutions, like sharing resources with your competitors.

Emerging from the Storm: The Future of Delivering the E-commerce Juggernaut

Speed, selection, data and delivery have already changed and are likely to morph still further in the e-commerce supply chain. Getting it wrong will have consequences.

Women in operations

Six company-level strategies for advancing gender diversity.

Improve order-to-cash through master data management

Make improvements sustainable through clear governance and consistent evaluation of data.

Supply chain software platforms level the playing field

Focused on resiliency and adaptability, companies are increasingly turning to software platforms that help them tackle their current supply challenges and also plan for the future.


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