March-April 2022

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March-April 2022

Yesterday, I hosted a webinar on the steps supply chain leaders are taking to redesign their supply chains to cope with this period of unprecedented demand. Earlier last month, I attended the Manifest conference in Las Vegas. The exhibitors featured a lineup of supply chain startups while the attendee list was dominated by venture capital firms looking to get in on the action in our booming industry. This morning, one of the lead news stories is about another disruption threatening to bring global supply chains to a halt:
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APQC Infographic: Going beyond the rebound in supply chain

The infographic below presents how organizations have performed in the face of two years of a pandemic. It also presents trends businesses should consider to move past the…

Under uncertainties: Quick Response, not only S&OP

As you might infer, each planning level is unique in how it deals with the future, yet all need to be integrated to ensure that execution aligns with strategy.

A new way to classify drone-based logistics needs

Last-mile delivery systems that use unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, have developed rapidly over recent years. As a result, companies now have various system…

Is Cryptocurrency the next supply chain finance tool?

In evaluating Cryptocurrencies, we have provided a basic definition of key tenets of both leading blockchain technologies.

Lights, Camera, Action: How to master supply chain complexity

If your supply chain strategy is to fix it in post, you probably failed in planning or execution.

Panel Discussion: The great supply chain disruption

ASCM Connect 2021 brought together a panel of three supply chain leaders to discuss how their organizations responded to COVID, and how they’re preparing for the next…

You’ve suffered a supply chain disruption: Now what?

“Stuff happens” is more than a bumper sticker. You may not be able to avoid disruptions, but you can take steps to assess your company’s vulnerability, risk exposure and…

Digital Supply Chain Transformation: Aligning Operations and Strategy

Digital transformation is a supply chain imperative. But too many companies take too long to accomplish their goals only to be disappointed by the results. Here, we present a…

Many Happy Returns

Returns are a proverbial mess for all but the most accomplished retailers. Going forward, part of a company’s reputation and success will be a reflection of the sophistication…

Mitigating inflation’s impact across your value chain

Companies that act quickly to engage their value chains toward increasing agility and resilience will gain significant advantages, such as improved end-to-end visibility (for…

Planning and analysis are top priorities

As supply chains recover from pandemic disruptions, planning and analytics will be integral to success.

Reshaping Global Supply Chains

With less emphasis on cost and a bigger focus on risk reduction, organizations are rethinking their supply chain design and coming up with new ways to keep these critical…

Ocean Cargo Trends: Pandemic continues to wreak havoc

Analysts predict that a number of factors will continue to make an impact on ocean shipping in 2022. A big one is the fact that there is a short supply of shipping services and…

Time for Shippers and 3PLs to Innovate Together

A strong collaboration between 3PLs and shippers can help to bring innovative solutions that will benefit both in the future. To do so, shippers must express their needs and…


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