July-August 2019

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July-August 2019

If you’re a long-time reader of Supply Chain Management Review, you’re familiar with Larry Lapide’s “Insights” column. Typically, Larry is writing about the many facets of planning, but occasionally, he takes on a provocative topic. One year, he questioned whether it was necessary to be a Top 25 supply chain leader, especially if in your industry, good enough gets the job done.
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Supply Chain Executive Education: What’s the right combination?

As supply chain executive education continues to evolve, the options available to companies are expanding and becoming more personalized than ever.

Are you responsible with your supply chain?

See what we have in store in our July 2019 SCMR issue.

InSights: Advocating for “responsible” supply chains

Being socially conscious and environmentally friendly are, of course, considerations.

What would you do when confronted with a supply chain ethical dilemma?

When it comes to running a supply chain, we all like to think we'd do the responsible thing when confronted with an ethical dilemma. But, would we?

Achieving gender-balanced teams starts at the top

How can the supply chain management function entice more women to join its leadership ranks?

The SCMR Interview: Shawn Curran, Gap Inc.

For the past 31 years, Shawn Curran has worked in supply chain management at Gap Inc. He sat down with Supply Chain Management Review to discuss his career, the evolution of Gap…

Supply Chain Security Starts at Home

The key to an effective cyber security strategy may be an unlikely resource: Your talent management strategy.

Selecting a supply chain planning tool: Are you doing it all wrong?

The promise of supply chain planning technology is real, but the hype is daunting. A holistic and well-structured technology enablement process can help you navigate the jargon…

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Unleashed

Sales and operations planning is a powerful tool for delivering improved processes and profits. But, that's only part of what makes S&OP work. People (and how they work…

How Supply Chain Officers Can Drive Margin Expansion

Given their strategic role in an organization, supply chain leaders can do more to proactively drive change and growth, in addition to leading cost cutting initiatives.

Organizational Change Management and Culture: Keys to lasting, sustainable cost improvement

New tools—including technology, Lean Six Sigma, continuous improvement, or zero-based principles—require leadership support, rigorous change management, and on-going…

Procurement improvement begins with process

Procurement is buffeted by the headwinds of market disruption: tariffs, cyber attacks and a tight labor market.

Building and sustaining university supply chain management programs

During the past decade the number of university level supply chain management programs has expanded tremendously in recognition of the greater visibility of our discipline, its…

2019 NextGen Supply Chain Awards Recap

For our inaugural event, Supply Chain Management Review, Peerless Media and IDC recognized five companies leading the way in the adoption of new technologies.

2019 Top 50 Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers: “Amazonization” driving change across the board

The inexorable advance of Amazon is creating new challenges for logistics managers who must meet heightened shipper expectations while navigating today's complex 3PL…


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