January-February 2023

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January-February 2023

It feels like a normal holiday season. ”That was the report I got from the VP of global distribution at one of the country’s best known retail brands on the Monday before Black Friday. He added that the last time he felt that way was November of 2019. One of the perks of this job is that I get to talk to a lot of supply chain executives. In my conversations over the last year, I’ve learned two things. Operations, which was perhaps hardest hit at the start of the pandemic, has learned to operate in this new environment. Sure, there are still hiccups caused by absenteeism and inventory shortages. But those are situational—give them supply and people and operators will get stuff out the door.
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Infographic: Meet customer expectations through last-mile logistics

The infographic below presents key ways that customer behavior has changed, how that behavior has made an impact on last-mile deliveries, and ways that organizations can make…

It’s time to recalibrate

We’re seeing a realignment of trade agreements and relationships that may not have an impact today but could affect supply chains tomorrow.

Last-mile deliveries need both old and new solutions

Organizations should use a variety of methods to improve the cost and reliability of last-mile deliveries.

Quick response really is similar to strategic planning

Strategic planning and quick response (QR) processes are strategically focused. Therefore, both processes have to be directed by someone from the executive suite because the…

Remodeling supply chain teams for data ROI

How are practitioners harnessing these talents to innovate and improve supply chain performance?

Innovation on my mind; innovation in my business

Adding innovation planning and goal setting into operations performance metrics and evaluating technology hype cycles, best practices and ROI, both financial and competitive,…

NextGen Supply Chain Conference 2022: About our event

The NextGen Supply Chain Awards recognized 10 industry leaders, leading solution providers, startups and supply chain visionaries who are leading the way in the adoption of…

The Year in Logistics: Uncertain economic conditions are tilting the table

A new form of uncertainty poses its own set of hazards and opportunities for supply chains.

The keys to the omni-channel retail kingdom

In omni-channel retail, the stakes are high and the passions higher. For retailers, it’s all about finding the right innovations that make each consumer interaction as…

The dawn of a new supply chain world order

Since the start of the tariff wars, geopolitical conflicts have upended international trade. To prevail in the coming years, supply chain managers must incorporate international…

Finally, a seat at the table. Now, what?

With supply chain’s new influence, there’s an opportunity to create persistent advantage through organizational velocity.

The Gartner/ASCM Supply Chain Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Survey

The survey showed the strongest intent yet among CSCOs to support diversity, equity and inclusion, particularly for women and underrepresented races and ethnicities.

It’s time to move beyond just-in-time and just-in-case

Ultimately, the goal for managers is still to create the most efficient supply chain possible for their inventory management. Rather than committing to just-in-time or…

Virtual Summit 2022: Enabling the workforce of the future

Here’s how companies can use automation, technology and other advanced tools to support and nurture their evolving workforces in today’s competitive business environment.

Putting the retail supply chain in reverse

Retailers that don’t consider product returns their biggest source of supply may want to rethink their reverse logistics approaches for 2023.


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