May-Jun 2024

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May-Jun 2024

In each issue I try to leave you with some of my limited knowledge in this space. Or at least give you something to think about. I think it is our job at Supply Chain Management Review to -- hopefully -- leave you with at least one bit of knowledge from each article inside our issues. This time, though, I'm going to leave you with the secret to learn more than one thing: Sign up to attend the NextGen Supply Chain Conference in October.
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Chicago bound

This year's NextGen Supply Chain Conference, which will take place Oct. 21-23, will once again be held at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel in downtown Chicago.…

Special planning teams for unusual times

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for special short-term planning teams to supplement an S&OP team. An S&OP team is always vital to managing the rudder for…

Frontiers in warehouse automation

Automation is transforming the warehouse industry as companies pursue improvements in supply chain efficiency and productivity

Seizing value from supply network management

Leaders must create a shared vision to achieve optimal performance, break down silos, and leverage competitive sea change and disruption opportunities in the connected market…

The state of procurement

Procurement is transforming faster than ever. Cost, quality, and speed still matter. But now procurement managers are under pressure from one end of the supply chain to the…

Balanced supply chain management: Setting the stage

Supply chains have changed, and so too has the management required to achieve balanced supply chains. This is the first in a series of articles that will address the elements…

Managing inflationary price risks in supplier-buyer contracts through indexing

Research emphasizes the need for innovative supply chain and financial solutions, paving the way for the integration of technology to enhance operational efficiency and economic…

5 strategies for energy market cost and risk reduction

Electricity and natural gas costs are major factors in the profitability of companies in all industries, but especially in key parts of the supply chain. There are strategies to…

Procurement best practices

Procurement is transforming. Gone are the days of blindly spending with single suppliers, replaced by a complex network of diverse global suppliers. Gone are the days of…

The new dawn of network and capital planning is here

A traditional approach to network and capital planning isn’t agile enough to keep pace with commercial markets where disruptions outnumber long-term norms. Successful planning…

What supports accurate spend analysis?

Supply chain organizations are always looking for greater visibility into spending. Leaders are dedicating additional resources to spend management, which seeks to answer…

Top 50 Trucking: Accept the challenge and adapt

The best fleets, buffeted by higher costs and now increasing environmental mandates, manage to stay ahead of competition through vision, strategy, and execution. But in the end,…

Looking back at Modex

MHI’s Modex 2024 saw a record-shattering number of registered manufacturing and supply chain professionals, reaching a total of 48,733. The event, held March 11 to 14 in…


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