May-June 2018

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May-June 2018

Last month, I was in Atlanta at the Modex trade show. In one sense, it is a tribute to the automation technologies managing today’s distribution networks. And, I’m not only talking about automated materials handling systems, but also the software and NextGen technologies such as robotics, wearable technologies, including smart glasses and augmented reality solutions and sensors enabling the Internet of Things. In another sense, all of these solutions are coming together to drive fulfillment. With the increase in e-commerce, getting the right product to the right customer at the right time has never been more important.
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Is blockchain the missing link in the Halal supply chain?

The technology does indeed offer much promise as a solution to Halal traceability issues—providing a number of potential pitfalls can be overcome.

The analytics revolution in Last-Mile Delivery

How data, analytics and connectivity change the way companies manage— and visualize—the most complex part of a global supply chain.

The Circular Supply Chain

The boom in e-commerce has led to a record number of returns. How is that affecting supply chains and what are the best practices amongst industry leaders? To find out, SCMR…

Packaging’s new role in e-fulfillment

The challenges facing e-commerce shipments don't begin and end with last-mile delivery and reverse logistics. Anyone fulfilling e-commerce orders also has to grapple with…

Many e-tail questions, few answers

Online retailing is changing how consumers shop and how supply chains fill their orders. What that all means for the future is anyone's guess.

To offshore or reshore? The battle of data points

An incomplete assessment of production costs led to the demise of an already efficient manufacturing plant in Sweden. Here's how total cost of ownership and other key data…


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