May-June 2016

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May-June 2016

The procurement function is at an inflection point.” So begins “The reinvention of procurement," an article by Jonathan Hughes and Danny Ertel, partners at the Boston-based consulting firm Vantage Partners. The authors argue that while many leading companies have transformed their procurement organizations into a linchpin of their enterprise strategy, far too many others remain trapped by procurement models that are out of date in today’s fastpaced economy, where the acquisition of innovation, collaboration, services and solutions is more important than transactions based on the lowest cost per unit. Reinvention is a fitting theme for this issue, which coincides with the ISM conference in Indianapolis. You could say it’s time to reinvent management, too.
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Execution managers need the S&OP plans, too

It seems S&OP teams often have little to do with execution/operations managers regarding synchronizing execution to plans. While some software companies purport to do…

Desigual’s multi-stranded approach to omni-channel

Transitioning to an omni-channel supply chain undoubtedly brings many challenges for retailers.

Global Links: Investing in Supply Chain Resiliency

Add “cyber exposure” and widespread fraud to the mix, and we have a daunting checklist to address before supply chains can be regarded as efficient and secure. Several…

How They Did it: Pratt & Whitney’s Ramp Up

While many companies are challenged to grow their revenue in today's slow economy, Pratt & Whitney faces a different Issue: How to lock up supply as it ramps up to…

Creative Negotiating: Rethinking the Right Way to Ink Purchasing Agreements

Long-term agreements between purchasers and suppliers are not conventional “one-and-done” deals—they are moving targets that require perpetual negotiation if they are to…

The MRO Revolution: Leaders, Evolvers and Trailers

Long viewed as a low-impact, low-dollar function, MRO management is increasingly recognized as an opportunity to lower costs and boost performance. Leading companies are taking…

Choice Overload

Supply chain managers are overwhelmed with choices and information. Too often the result isn't decisiveness, but gridlock. The answer: Put in place strong leadership that…

Defining excellence in the advanced procurement organization

Many companies have little visibility into their external spend in a detailed and holistic manner; it is fragmented, managed in silos by disparate stakeholder groups, and…

Collaboration leads to clear benefits for procurement and product development

Suppliers can inform product development and the R&D group can help select the best suppliers.


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