Talking Supply Chain: AI is powering the next supply chain revolution

New technologies have the supply chain front and center of the 4th Industrial Revolution

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AI is rather quickly being implemented in businesses of all types, but the supply chain seems particularly receptive. Yet, given the broad diversity of supply chain and logistics and the unique structure of each supply chain, how beneficial can AI really be to any individual company?

One of the things we’re learning more about is how what happens in the warehouse is having impacts both upstream and downstream. For instance, as more warehouses implement electric and automated technologies – forklits, conveyors, etc., it is sometimes having an unintended consequence of causing backups in the transportation aspect of the chain. Basically, the trucks are not as efficient as the warehouse and if everything doesn’t sync correctly, there can be delays. Can AI help solve these types of problems in a siloed environment or does the success of AI depend on the ability to think outside the four walls when implementing it inside the four walls?

Erhan Musaoglu, CEO and founder of Logiwa Technology, a supply chain software company with a focus on warehouses, joined Talking Supply Chain host Brian Straight to discuss how AI is revolutionizing warehouses as part of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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