Supply Chain Management Certifications Offered by Professional Organizations and Universities 2020

There are more offerings than ever for supply chain professionals looking to improve their skills and further their careers.

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Every company that delivers a product or service has a supply chain management department. With the increase in the complexity of supply chains, all companies are looking for people who can be good managers and lead the supply chain with minimal issues. Certifications in SCM can be a great boost for anyone who aspires to a career in this field. The aim of this article is to expand upon the available recognized SCM certifications in the United States and to aid budding supply chain executives in their efforts to keep abreast of this rapidly changing area.

Indeed, many professional institutions, universities, colleges and even companies are expanding their education programs, including certifications, in the area of supply chain management. The focus of these courses is not just on traditional supply chain disciplines, such as inventory management and the fundamentals of procurement, but also to address collaboration skills, strategic planning, work culture and information technology, to name a few.

Given the number of options, choosing a certification is highly dependent on the expectations of the individual, his or her experience and career expectations. For instance, for someone with a global perspective, the APICS certifications are recognized across the globe, while university-offered certifications are better recognized in the United States as compared to other parts of the world.

In the following pages, we present details on the certifications offered by professional organizations such as APICS, CSCMP and ISM, along with certificate programs available at more than 40 universities and academic institutions. The aim is to provide a basic understanding of the type of certifications available as well as information the eligibility requirements, expectations and requirements for completion of the certificate program. Please keep in mind that information on certification programs is subject to change. We highly recommend that readers check the respective certification program Websites before making a final decision.

Editors note: The following list of supply chain management certifications was originally authored in 2015 by Praharsha Sunkara, who was then a graduate student at Texas A&M University, under the guidance of Malini Natarajarathinam. The list has been updated and expanded annually by the editors of Supply Chain Management Review on an annual basis since its original publication date.

View the full list of Supply Chain Management Certifications Offered by Professional Organizations and Universities here.


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