Store-hailing service Robomart renamed as Conjure

The name change is said to reflect the speed that consumers can hail a mobile shop to their location.

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Robomart, the world’s first store-hailing service that delivers a fast and convenient shopping experience at the consumer’s location, has announced its name change to Conjure. The verb conjure means to summon as if by magic. Conjure better reflects the patented store-hailing experience – delivery so fast, it’s like magic.

The store-hailing experience will remain the same. With a one-tap ordering process, consumers can hail a mobile shop to their location using Conjure’s proprietary app. When the mobile shop arrives, the user swipes across the app to open its side door.

Conjure’s patented, checkout-free system allows consumers to handpick their products and simply walk away – without physically checking out and paying. Products are tracked and the credit card on file is charged, and a receipt is sent shortly afterwards.

The Conjure app is now available for pre-order on the App Store and will be available to pre-register on Google Play later this week. The service will go live on January 15, 2023 in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

With the name change, Conjure is focusing on ice cream as its anchor category, which will feature goods from its partner Unilever, maker of beloved brands Ben & Jerry’s, Talenti, Magnum and more. Conjure is solving the industry’s biggest issue – ice cream melting before reaching the home when purchased in store or through other delivery methods. Conjure’s mobile shops deliver the ice cream store filled with frozen products directly to consumers in as little as two minutes.

“We have had amazing success as Robomart but felt the name didn’t clearly articulate the emotional connection our store-hailing service elicits with consumers. Feedback we regularly heard from consumers was how unbelievably fast our mobile shops would show up – with many noting it was like magic,” said Ali Ahmed, Conjure CEO and co-founder. “The name Conjure better embodies our revolutionary store-hailing experience as we embark on the next chapter of our business. Conjure solves pain points of other delivery services and is the future of delivery. This is just the beginning for us as we transform the delivery experience, and we are excited for our continued growth.”

During alpha and beta trials, Conjure recorded its quickest end-to-end experience, from the time a consumer opens the app to the time they have goods in hand, at under two minutes – the fastest in the world. The average time from a consumer hailing a mobile shop to completion of sale is nine minutes.

Conjure saw significant week-over-week growth during the trials, recording 9% user growth and 10% order growth per week. Active users of Conjure, on average, hailed a mobile shop to their location 2.3 times a week.


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